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GSM Core Network: Diagram

So in the last post we got to learn the systems and their entities that are involved and makes a GSM network. In this post, I have tried to put all the entites in a diagram to depict a clear picture of the connection between all the systems and all the entities.

BSC: Base Station Controller
MSC: Mobile Station Controller
SMSC:Short message Service Centre
EIR: Equipment Identity Register
HLR: Home Location Register
AUC: Authentication Centre
PSTN: Public Switched Telephone Network

From next post, we will start going through each of the systems and entities in details so be ready for a lot of technical gyaan:D

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  1. Hai Shivani Singh,

    Nice blog anyway. Thanks for your information.
    I have one question. I would like to ask where is the SGSN and GGSN position on your diagram?

    M Idham Habibie

  2. Hi Shavani,

    What is the software you used to draw this diagram represented above. Is it a proprietary software or a free software. I'm looking for a network diagram software to draw network diagrams.

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