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Whats up with Blackberry?

Today I really want to write about one of my fav mobiles - Blackberry! I have been using BB from last 4 years. The phone I am using now is my 4th BB. I had just bought this one a few days back, I was in love with BB till I came across one of my friend's Samsung Galaxy SI one day. And I immediately feel in love with it! The amount of apps (both utility and entertaining) available on android market seems to be never ending! I really regreted of buying a BB without doing a proper research on the phones available in the market! I was so much tempted to own a smart phone that I got a Samsung SI from my next sal:) And is too happy with it. I have kept BB too just for my friends and groups on BBM:)

From last few years, the magic of BB seems to be fading. Once a touchstone seems like to be on the way of being an anachronism! 4-5 years back, BB was one of the most amazing and highly praised mobiles in the market. Infact, owning a BB used to be status symbol. But now, all this seems to be like a myth! Thanks to Iphones and Androids...

BB's market share seems to be decreasing every quarter. In US, Smartphone market share of BB in Q1 2009 was nearly 50% which has come down to around 13.5% in 1st quarter of this year.

Also BB's addiction and obsession seems to be parable now. Acc to a research, only a third of BB's users plan to stick to BB on their next change. Infact BB has seen a degrowth of 75% in their stocks! They had to change their CEO a few weeks back in hope of bringing back the same command and authority in the market!

What could be the reason for it? The easiest explaination would be the entry and popularity of android and Iphones have been resulting in the diminishing market share of BB. But is that so simple? No, if BB would have acted on time, they would have definately been able to sustain their position in the market. But guess, the issue with BB is that they had been living with the perception of being the leader of the business world and probably they thought, nobody could shake them from that position. Infact, BB had launched their first touchscreen much later than Iphone and other touchscreen makers. Also, if you look at all their models, all of them have almost the same look and feel. There is very less difference in all of them! They definately do not have much range and models. And I have no idea why they never thought of launching something different, something new to the market. Their latest model BB bold touchscreen has so much resemblence to BB Bold's ancestor 9000. Could'nt they think of anything unique, anything inimitable?

Also, intially BB had completely restricted themselves to the business world and people working in ITs loved BB because it offered them what they needed the most: security and reliability. BB had their own closed systems and so, there was less chances of any kind of fraud. At that time, BB did not try to reach the ordinary people and when they decided to enter this segment of the market, they were just not aware of ordinary people's needs, their demands and thus, again failing here.

But in this whole havoc, BB was able to safeguard their position a bit. Thanks to their BB curve's new models which definately helped them in saving a bit of their position in this competitive market. Ordinary people who once dreamt of owning a BB now got a chance to have hands on the same. But most of them do not want to continue with BB as their next phone. Second thing which have been saving their position is BBM. But guess Whats app will be able to override the same somewhere soon in future.

Can you believe that BB, which made texting a mainstream practice, which once dominated the smart phone market now have been trying hard to just safeguard their position in market!!!  Once a staple in the business world run the risk of becoming a technological dodo now!

Well its a brave wide world now! Its just not the same for which BB had built itself for...


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