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Few Important Marketing Terms

So, after networking, signaling etc, I really want to get into some stuff from my zone i.e. marketing! First I would like to put down few marketing terms here, which can really be tough to find on net and which are more or less same all across the operators:

·         TOMA: Top of the mind awareness. This term is used while doing surveys, you just Customers which is the best operator and TOMA is the answer that comes first. Businesses that are at the top of consumers' minds have a high market share.

·         ICR: Intra circle Roaming: If an operator (Operator A) does not have adequate coverage in any circle, then it may tie-up with some other operator (Operator B) within that circle which would allow the allow the customers of  Operator A to use its network in the areas of low coverage. Thus a subscriber of operator A would be latched onto the network of operator B within the same circle.
You must have surely heard this concept in 3G infrastructure to allow 3G services to its customers (for the operators which do not have 3G spectrum in a particular circle)

·         ITP: Intent to purchase

·         GRP: Gross rating points. It is basically measure the size of an audience reached by a specific media vehicle or schedule.

·         REC: Revenue earning Customers: There is always a chunk of Customers that are regular payers and always have a balance above a set value. They are considered as REC base.

·         On net: Communication done between the customers of the same operator is said to be On net. For eg. A Customers of Operator A send an SMS (or calls) to another Customers of Operator A

·         Off net: As it sounds, that’s the opposite of On net. Communication done between the customers different operators is said to be Off net. For eg. A Customers of Operator A send an SMS (or calls) to another Customers of Operator B

·         ARPU: Average Rev per user: It is the revenues from mobile voice communications divided by the total outgoing minutes of voice communication excluding VAT, but including access charges.

·         APPU: Average price per user

·         STV: Special Tariff Vouchers

·         IG: Incoming: Calls which a customer receives

·         OG: Outgoing: Calls done by a customer

·         TT: Talk time

·         FTT: Full Talk time

·         MFTT: More than full talk time

·         MOU: Minutes of usage (IG+OG)

·         KRO: Key retail outlets. Any retailers who does the acquisition equals to a set no is said to be a KRO

·         RPM: Rate per minute

·         ER: Effective Rate. It is

·         CR= Cumulative Rate. It is
CR = Net ARPU/ OG mins

·         FAT: Free Airtime: all the additional benefits: when a Customers recharges with a recharge value, he gets some benefits so the benefits which are not in terms of money are known as FAT. For eg. Of a Customers gets a recharge of RS X done, and he gets a benefits of 1000 mins call free, these 1000 mins are FAT

·         PF: Processing fee – In few cases (or products) a PF (% of MRP) is given to the retailers on every recharge. It is not mandatory. It is done so that retailers push the required product to the customers.

·         PRR: Prepaid recurring revenue. This is one of the most important things in prepaid revenue. It is the revenue of the recharges done on daily basis. It is the portion that is likely to continue in the future and that is why its called recurring revenue.

·         MVNE: Mobile Virtual Network Enabler. It is a term used for that operator that provides services to MVNOs. Services like billing, network element provisioning, operations, support of business support systems and operations support systems, and provision of back end network elements, to enable provision of mobile network services.

·         MVNO: mobile virtual network operator. It is a term used for that operator that does not own the spectrum or wireless network infrastructure over which it provides services to its customers. Generally, MVNO enters into a business agreement with another operator to obtain bulk access to network services at wholesale rates and then sets retail prices independently.

·         MTC: Mobile termination charges: These are the charges which one to operator charges to another for terminating calls on its network. Will explain the same in detail in next chapter

·         IUC: Inter Usage Charges: This is one of the most important payouts for any operator. MTC is a part of it. IUC are the charges paid by one operator to another for using its network in any form. Will explain the same in detail in next chapter

·         EVD: Electronic vouchers: Recharges done via retailer’s mobile

·         PRC: Paper recharges

So above are few terms used in this industry. Plz feel free to comment if I have missed out anything! Would love to hear from youJ

Keep smiling and keep learning


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