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The increasing share of Samsung

The whole industry is talking about the increasing market share of Samsung in the devices market.  In Europe, Samsung has been able to grab a commendable share of 45% in just one year. And Galaxy S3 has a very major role to play in this commendable success of Samsung.  Well, samsung had conquered the Nokia market long back but last year they also gave a blow to blackberry sales. This is something we all are aware of. But the latest news is that Samsung have also started acquiring Apple’s customer!  Though acc to market research, apple’s cust loyalty is still 80% so guess, they will not get adversely effected with a large blow but then, launching the new Iphone with some amazing and innovative features has become the need of the hr for Apple. And that’s the challenge which Samsung had put forward to all the device makers!
The biggest blow had been to RIM whose market share had dropped down drastically to 10% from 21% last year! Well, RIM has to come up with something equal to Android (if not more) to survive in this brave wide market now, else it definitely runs the risk of becoming a technological dodo! What say?
Anyways, kudos to Samsung for the smart planning and execution in acquiring the major share in not only smartphone market but also, in basic phones! Yes, Samsung hero is supposedly giving a stiff challenge to all the basic phones!
It looks like a cold war between all the device makers in which Samsung is clearly the winner till now. Lets see, who gets to survive and who succumbs to the increasing market demands!


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